TV DISCUSSION – Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 1 Episode 19 “The Only Light in the Darkness”



With a slew of baddies released from The Fridge, Coulson and the team hunt down a former prisoner with the ability to absorb energy. Meanwhile, Agent Koenig tests the loyalties of every person on Coulson’s team.

Lights Out

The main threat this episode was the Blackout, a super villain with the ability to absorb all forms energy. After his release from The Fridge he began searching for a woman who called “the only light in his darkness”. This woman just so happened to be The Cellist whom Coulson briefly mentioned in The Avengers. It was pretty cool that the lights went out wherever Blackout went and the way he killed the man in the intro sequence was awesome! Overall Blackout was a solid villain and it’s disappointing that he was reduced to smoke.


Amy Acker played the cellist quite well. The story of how she and Coulson met was refreshing and reinforced why Coulson held so much faith in Shield. I found it a bit strange that he didn’t ever reveal himself to her given their history, but his reasoning made sense. Fighting Hydra and chasing supervillians doesn’t really leave much free time.


Flirting With The Enemy

No one has discovered that Ward is Hydra and it creates very tense moments. The first being the advanced lie detector test Agent Koenig requires everyone to take. Everyone passes no problem except Ward of course. The only thing that prevented his discovery was the last truth about retrieving Skye. My heart was really pumping when Skye found Koenig’s body in the closet. She handled the situation well by staying calm and going with the flow. At the end Skye is trapped extremely dangerous situation: she is alone with Ward and knows he needs the data encrypted on the hard drive. I don’t know how, but I have faith Skye will find a way out of her current situation.


See you in May

May is tired of Coulson’s attitude toward her and decides to leave the team. Honestly, I don’ understand why Coulson is so deeply hurt. She was operating under Nick Fury’s orders and it was for a legitimate reason. What’s even more is who she is looking for. The evidence suggest that she is looking for Maria Hill, but what for? If you recall the end of Captain America, Maria now works for Stark Industries. I can’t make any good predictions yet but it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.


Closing Thoughts

Fitz is jealous of Triplett and rightfully so. It’s sad that Eric Koenig is no longer alive, he was a fun addition to the show. Evil Ward is way better than good Ward.

What are your thoughts? How will Skye escape her situation? I would love any feedback!


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