“Rejoice my fel…

“Rejoice my fellow Nerdians! At last the time has come where we no longer have to fear ostracization from our peers. No longer shall we whimper in fear praying the cool kids find out about us! No longer shall we cry in the fetal position in a dank corner of solitude. It is with great pleasure that I announce the acceptance of Nerds from across the realm! Hail Hydra! (Stadium booms crowds cheering)”

Excerpt from Patty Barry’s speech in 2087 at the 1954 Geneva Conference

I like this fictional speech I came up with so I figured I repost it by it’s self


One thought on ““Rejoice my fel…

  1. Yea, its hip to be nerdy..but only if you sound super-educated, have a cool habit (like cycling. But I don’t ride a fixie. :D). I think for women, being a nerd still means looking still half decent which is anti-nerd.

    I never played video games..just read a ton of books.

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