TV DISCUSSION – Arrow Season 2 Episode 19 “The Man Under The Hood”



After taking a week’s rest Arrow returns with a bomb-ass episode. Oliver and the team goes on the offensive while Slade preps his army of mirakuru super soldiers. Here are some of the highlights of “The Man Under The Hood”.


Sins of The Father… and The Mother

Thea is pissed after learning the truth about her biological father and moves out of the mansion. She screwed over Oliver and her mom in the process by not signing those financial documents. With the Queen family potentially facing bankruptcy it’ll be interesting to see what happens down the line. Will Oliver Queen have to find a new way to fund his evening activities?

When Isabelle Rochev revealed her intimate past with Oliver’s dad Robert Queen I was completely stunned. The only thing that stopped him was Thea’s horse accident. First your father is a part of an evil organization then he tries away with his intern, what a guy. At least this explains why Moira distrusted Rochev since the beginning. I give Robert credit for not running off when Thea was in danger though. And props to Dig for shootin’ that bitchh.


Slade’s Mirakuru Army

Yet again Slade has proven to be an extremely formidable enemy. He broke into Oliver’s hideout whooped everyone’s ass and left! Not many can claim to gained that much of an upper hand on the Arrow. Now Slade has his own personal army of super soldiers fueled by the rage inducing mirakuru. How the hell are they supposed to take on an army when they can’t even fight one! But wait, there’s a cure! I just don’t see how you cure someone who can potentially punch you through a wall.

Roy Harper

Things have been pretty shitty for Roy so far. First he was torn away from Thea because Oliver was afraid for her safety. Then he was captured by Deathstroke and hooked up to a diabolical machine which left him half dead used to create villainous super soldiers. Hopefully Roy pulls through and finally plays a significant role as the sidekick.

Final Thoughts

None. None what so ever.

If you guys have any thoughts or speculation leave a comment! I would enjoy any feedback!


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