TV DISCUSSION – The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 19 “Modus Vivendi”



With the pace picking up and future events being put into place this episode of The Tomorrow People raises A LOT of questions.  Since so much has happened I want to tackle the big questions first then provide some speculation.



What exactly is The Arc?

The Founder claims it is a device which uses Stephen’s time stopping abilities to create a portal to The Refuge, but in this episode Jedikiah calls it a weapon. Clearly the damn thing does something, but there are no specifics yet. My guess is that The Arc is actually a machine designed to kill off humans and spare The Tomorrow People. This would explain why The Founder tracks all of the breakouts that show up on Ultra’s radar.

Rodger is back… now what?

The biggest thing to happen in this episode is Rodger’s return. Like most fans of the show I was ecstatic for his return. Then I thought about it and this may not be a good thing after all. Now before you scream and call me the devil’s son let me explain. Jed put Rodger on ice because The Founder needs him for his ultimate evil master plan. Bringing Rodger back is exactly what The Founder wants AND Rodger isn’t even awake to defend himself. Also I’m not sure how Rodger will feel about being resurrected. The man took a bullet to keep everyone safe and it was for nothing.




Hillary. Oh Hillary

Just when I was starting to like Hillary she turns out to be working for The Founder. Why? Whyyyy? I give The Founder props though because I wouldn’t be able to resist Hillary either. Reflecting back on previous episodes it makes sense that Hillary is a double. This gives Cara a pretty good reason to kick Hillary’s ass and I look forward to the impending fight. Stephen is going to be pissed when he learns he was played a fool.

Closing Thoughts

After all the flippity flopping with whose good and whose bad at least we know for sure The Founder is up to no good. I should of figured, a name like “The Founder” screams evil mad man. I’m curious to see how things well play out now that Jed is with the rebels and if the truce is actually going to be upheld. Ha! It probably won’t be.

What do you guys think? I you have any thoughts drop a comment! I would love any feedback!


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