TV DISCUSSION – Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 1 Episode 18 “Providence”



With Hydra on the loose Coulson and his team have few allies they can trust. In “Providence” our agents continue to struggle with S.H.I.E.L.D’s downfall, gaining new enemies and new allies. First I want to focus on biggest game changers.


Ethan Flynn and Raina join Hydra

Head of the centipede project and creator of gravitonium these two pose a serious threat to Coulson’s team. It’s good to see the events of this season come full circle with the return of these two. With Flynn, Raina, Deathlok, and all the pretty little toys from The Fridge Hydra has a strong upper hand. Now that the tables have turned against Shield it’ll be even harder for them to face their enemies.  Side note: what is with Raina and flowers? Really someone tell me please.


Casting change – Agent Triplett the new Ward?Eric Koenig the new Nick Fury?

Ward is Hydra now and the team will find out eventually, making Triplett his best replacement. Agent Triplett is a specialist just like Ward and they even have the same training. The only difference is Triplett isn’t an evil son of bitch. A love triangle between Fitz, Simmons and Triplett is clearly forming already so I’m guessing he’ll stick around. This episode also introduced Eric Koenig (Patton Oswalt) a level six agent working directly under Fury’s orders. As it is now I’m thinking Koenig won’t replace Fury but act as a liaison to assist Coulson and his team on missions. Providence is a great base of operations and can serve as a temporary headquarters until Shield can get it’s bearings together.


Another threat?

Shield is now considered a rogue terrorist organization. This means our team will have to operate in secret avoiding world governments and military organizations. We already saw General Talbot with the U.S. Airforce pose a threat once, whose to say they won’t actively pursue Coulson’s team again? If this true I believe this will bring a new dynamic to the show. Dealing with Hydra and the U.S. government would be handful.

Final thoughts

When Raina learned that Garrett was not clairvoyant she was pretty disappointed. I have this crazy idea that she is actually Skye’s mother. It’s just a crazy thought for now, but if happens you heard it here first!

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