Secret Saturday: Living Among Humans


Confession: Some days I wish I wasn’t Human

After nineteen years of living amongst humans, interacting with humans and being human I realized how bored I am of our species. What really irks me the most about human beings is how paradoxical we are by design. Supposedly what mainly differentiates us from other animals roaming in the wild is our ability to learn and reason logically. The problem is humans are not logical. Many  times we act on our emotions which almost always trumps logic.

Emotions are intangible and immeasurable reactions to our environment. Emotions make us human, but is that necessarily a good thing? Sometimes I ponder about experiencing no emotion at all. Requlished of emotion I could experience the world unbiasedly and make decisions based purely on logic. Think of how much money I’d save! I wouldn’t eat because I was bored, buy useless toys to feel happy or purchase gifts in pursuit of romance. Not everyone would give up their emotions so easily, but it would be interesting to experience for a short while.

Also compared to other animals humans are boring. Birds can fly, cheetahs can run fast, bats have echolocation, fish can breathe underwater and etc. Scientist spend billions of dollars researching technologies to emulate abilities these creatures obtained naturally from birth. I think this is part of the reason superheroes have such a wide appeal. We would all love to perform impossible feats because in reality being normal human being gets boring.

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