Eleven Strange Habits


Over the past year there a number of habits I have developed while away at college. These habits all range from good to bad to just outright strange. This list focuses on the strange habits so I guess an alternative title for this post would be Eleven Habits of the Strange Man. I have also done a list of Eleven Good Habits and Eleven Bad Habits. So without further ado here is the list:

11. Studying shirtless

Clothing prohibits the creative juices from flowing to my brain.

10. Blocking out light pollution

I cannot sleep unless there is absolutely no light present in the room. I’m still working on a machine to block out the sun.

9. Frequently staring out into space

Drifting off into the rivers of my inner consciousness is not uncommon. Reality can be so boring sometimes.

8. Confusing people with outrageous statements

I love seeing the reactions of people when I do this. This might also be the reason I have no friends…

7. Accidentally being funny?

Often times I say things and people laugh, but I was being entirely serious. May be it’s for the best no one takes me seriously.

6. Alternating egos

I enjoy impersonating someone else when I’m bored. I gotta work on my British accent though.

5. Rubbing my chains hairs

Don’t know how this started but it gives the illusion that I’m engaged in deep thought.

4. Smiling at strangers

I smile at strangers to make them feel more comfortable. Usually this backfires and they file a restraining order.

3. Listening to classical music while studying

Everyone knows that listening to classical music causes brain neurons to fire faster than the speed of light.

2. Staring at my hands

Years of video gaming has life me with two things. 1) A lack of a social life and 2) Carpal tunnel. Thanks for nothing!!

1. Eating everything with a knife and fork

Only cannibals and republicans eat with their hands.

240. Traveling to different dimensions to borrow a cup of sugar.



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