TV DISCUSSION – Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 1 Episode 17 “Turn, Turn, Turn”


MAJOR SPOILER ALERT for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Marvel’s Agents of Shield below.

When I wrote up my discussion on Captain America: The Winter Soldier earlier this week I briefly touched upon how the events of the recent film would consequently effect the Agents of Shield series moving forward. Not only was I blown away by this amazing episode, but I was impressed with how well the events of the film and show were interwoven with one another. Without further delay lets get down to the meat and potatoes.

Coulson and Skye continue to question Agent May after the discovery of the encrypted line on the plane. There is a lot of distrust and confusion going around and Coulson demands answers. Fitz also explains why he in Simmons needed the encrypted line in the first place. The group is still not sure why the plane turned around and switched destinations.

Meanwhile Coulson picks up on a distress signal from Agent Garrett who is being hunted by two SHIELD drones. Coulson intercepts the planes hunting Garrett and takes them out with the plane guns. Garrett joins them on the plane and Skye and Coulson share their revelation that the Clairvoyant is a high level agent of SHIELD. Together they piece together that Victoria Hand is the Clairvoyant. Skye decrypts a radio signal with the message: Out of the shadows into the light HYDRA. I thought the sky fight was pretty cool and I was unaware that plane had any guns to begin with.

Down at the hub Simmons is trying to discover to the G43; the miracle drug that saved Skye from near death. While running test she runs into Agent Triplett. The scene gets really dangerous when he pulls a knife out after Simmons asks whether sure can trust him over not. Fortunately he just hands Simmons the knife and promises to protect her. I was relieved to see that Agent Triplett wasn’t Hydra. Agent Hand and her troops break in to the research lab where Simmons and Triplett are hiding out. She questions their loyalty and they pass the test. This means Agent Hand is still aligned with SHIELD and not the Clairvoyant.

The HYDRA infiltration combined with news of director Nick Fury’s death distresses the team. Coulson and the rest of his group recognize that they can no longer trust anyone. Since Fury is dead May reveals the operation she was given. Her primary task was to observe and report on Coulson’s condition after his revival and keep Fury updated. May then tells Coulson that she was the one responsible for creating the team under Fury’s orders. Coulson can no longer trust May after this betrayal.

Upon arrival at the hub the team is fired on by enemy SHIELD agents. With the help of one Fitz’s gadgets the team infiltrates the base and searches for Simmons. The team splits up; Ward with Skye and the rest of the group looking for Agent Hand. Ward and Skype get cornered by enemy forces while carrying out their mission. In order to protect Skye, Ward decides to face all the enemies alone. Before heading out he admits to having feelings for Skye and they kiss. In act of total badassery Ward goes out with one pistol in each hand and takes out like 20 guys. It is definitely one of the most awesome fight scenes I have seen in the show.

Coulson, Fitz, Garrett and May arrive at one of the control centers and taking out the enemies there. Garrett is insistent on eliminating Victoria Hand and in his attempt to persuade Coulson he slips up. Coulson then realizes that the Clairvoyant is not Agent Hand, but Agent Garrett. After a short battle Garrett is captured along with all the other Hydra agents. I was equally shocked and upset that Garrett was actually Hydra. Up until this point he was one of my favorite characters on this show. Also the jump emp grenade thing was pretty cool. Hand and Coulson decide to send Garrett to The Fridge for detainment.

Ward volunteers to go with Hand to drop Garrett off at The Fridge. Being Wards Supervising Officer he wants to see Garrett pay for his crimes. While on the plane Hand offers Ward the chance to kill Garrett since he killed the wrong Clairvoyant. Ward then stands up and fires shots on the SHIELD agents on the plane then basically executes Agent Hand. NOOOOOO! Why, Whyyy did Ward have to be Hydra as well? The worst part is if you paid attention during the episode you would’ve noticed that Ward possesses the hard drive with all the designs and information Coulson did not want falling into Hydra hands.

With more drama, plot twist and betrayals this by far the best Agents of Shield episode so far. It’ll be interesting to how the show moves forward as our team deals with the new Hydra threat.

If you guys have any thoughts or speculation don’t be afraid to leave a comment. I would love some feedback!


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