Eleven Good Habits


Over the past year there a number of habits I have developed while away at college. These habits all range from good to bad to just outright strange. This list focuses on the good habits so I guess an alternative title for this post would be Eleven Habits of a Saint. I will also do a list of strange habits later this week and I you check out the list of Eleven Bad Habits. So without further ado here is the list:

11. Studying

As a freshman in college you quickly learn that studying is essential. Whether it’s Intro to ass-kicking or Telepathy 101 studying just a few times a day ensures I make the grade.

10. Complimenting people

It’s good to compliment people every once in a while, but to make sure they don’t get cocky I immediate insult them afterwards.

9. Being Organized

Secretly being an android has its advantages. The first is it allows me to effectively categorize and file important information. The second: Built in USB ports.

8. Apologizing

If I know I did something wrong I will apologize. Like that time I accidentally kill off the dinosaurs. Or that time I told Microsoft to release Windows 8 (I’m really sorry about that one).

7. Blogging

Blogging allow me to exercise my creative freedom and poison enlighten the minds of my readers. I really do love writing for audience as opposed to writing alone in my basement.

6. Volunteering

Volunteering builds character and gives me a sense of pride and community. I’ll volunteer for just about anything as long as it doesn’t involve tall buildings or cows… especially cows.

5. Self-reflecting

Self-reflecting helps me reevaluate my life goals and expectations. Imagine my disappointment when I learned humans couldn’t actually fly.

4. Writing down good ideas

It is very important to write down good ideas before they evaporate from memory. Even a seemingly stupid idea can be beneficial.

3. Keeping a To Do list

To do list serve the important function of telling me what to do. Often times I have multiple to do list to keep me occupied with billions upon billions of tasks for every day.

2. Tracking important events

With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life it gets hard keeping track of events, but with the help of technology it’s not all that hard. Now I never have to worry missing national q tip day!

1. Taking risk

By far the hardiest habit to pick up but a good one to have. Taking risk is good for exploring new opportunities and yeah. Just don’t take extreme risk, like ice skating.

0.5672 Skydiving into active volcanoes to save orphans…and puppies, cute puppies.



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