MOVIE DISCUSSION – Captain America: The Winter Soldier



Last Saturday I got finally chance to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier with my best friends. There were claims that this was the best Marvel movie yet and other things that I just couldn’t see. Well after watching the movie I have to say my expectations were not only met but well exceeded. Not only did I love this movie I gained a new respect for Captain America as a superhero.

So after pondering how I would discuss the movie without spoiling the plot I’ve settled on just listing what I thought was good and bad about the film.

The Good

Great plot and unexpected plot twist(s)

Action sequences are incredibly intense and visually stunning

Winter Solider is a mysterious, compelling threat

Combines the best of the superhero/spy/action movie genres

Has a HUGE impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Agents of SHEILD

Movie is playing on modern fear of technology and spying; relatable to audience

Develops Captain America and introduces more characters into the universe.

Established relationship between Cap and Falcon

The Bad

A few wonky looking action scenes

Closing Comments

The easter egg after credits scene got me so hype! It revealed a little bit on Avengers: Age of Ultron. Also if you are fan of Marvel’s agents of SHIELD this movie really connects the dots and the events of the previous episode. I’m really excited to see how the Marvel Universe is effected by the events of this movie.

If you guys have any thoughts or speculation don’t be afraid to drop a comment! I would love any feedback!


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