TV DISCUSSION – Arrow Season 2 Episode 18 “Deathstroke”



After weeks of lurking in the foreground Slade finally takes actions against Oliver in “Deathstroke”.

The episode begins with the abduction of Thea Queen at the hands of Slade and Brother Blood. Oliver begins to worry as he and Moira prepare for the political debate Thea is nowhere to be found. During the debate against Sebastian a video appears on screen showing Thea being held hostage. Panicked Oliver begins searching for his sister and Slade. It was interesting to see the return of Sebastian Blood and Slade after such a long time off screen. I never liked Sebastian from the beginning but he plays the villain posing as an angel really well.

Back at his hideout Oliver and his team frantically search for any clues that’ll lead to Thea’s location. Roy is pissed and blames Oliver for not allowing him to be with Thea to protect her. Felicity is able to track Slades’ location and the team moves out. They find Slade waiting for them in a dark building and demand him to reveal Thea’s location. Naturally he is uncooperative so they knock him out and have him arrested by Detective Lance. At first it seemed odd that Slade was just casually waiting for the heroes to arrive but it is just one more step in his master plan. Also when Roy punched he didn’t even flinch, showing just how tough this guy really is.

At the police station Slade is held as a suspect in the disappearance of Thea Queen. He is quickly released on the alibi that he was in Costa Rica for the past few days. Trouble is brewing for Detective Lance as he is arrested for conspiring with The Arrow. The only way he can out of his arrest is if he can produce the name of the person under the mask. Although not revealed until later this also seems a part of Slade’s plan to hurt Oliver, but more on that later.

Slade returns to the warehouse where Thea is kept presences her with an ultimatum: Leave or stay and hear Oliver’s secret. Thea decides to stay and Slade reveals that Malcom Merlyn is her biological father. This has major repercussions later on when Thea confronts Oliver about hiding this from her.

With all of his dealings as The Arrow, Oliver has been neglecting his responsibilities at Queen Consolidated and allowing Isabelle to handle the business. Still distracted by Thea’s disappearance Oliver temporarily grants Isabelle control of the company. This turns out to be a tremendous mistake because Isabelle is working with Slade. I never trusted Isabelle so I wasn’t surprised to see she was working with Slade. I was actually more surprised that Oliver had consequentially signed away his family fortune. Slade has done a great job so far of robbing Oliver of everything that is important to him.

Oh but the worst is still yet to come as Deathstoke still has things in store for Oliver and Starling City. The gang final finds the warehouse was Thea was kept and Oliver rushes in to save her. After taking out about 30 armed guards he discovers Thea is no longer there. It was simply a distraction so that Slade could liberate a bus full of convicted criminals for his army. Once again Slade is three steps ahead of Oliver at every turn.

Frustrated with Oliver’s poor decision making Roy decides to leave town. Oliver realizes Roy is right and begins to question his ability to protect the people around him. I don’t blame Oliver though because Deathstroke did just outwit him on every possible level.

And to end the episode Laurel gets a visit from Slade who tells her that Oliver is The Arrow. This really puts Laurel in a tough spot because now she must choose between her Dad or Oliver.

Deathstroke defend Oliver at every turn without throwing a single punch in this episode, but he still has be plans for Starling city. I anticipate a exceptionally grand season finale on the horizon but we’ll just have to wait until next time!

If you have any thoughts or speculation please leave a comment! I would love any feedback!


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