TV DISCUSSION – Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 1 Episode 16 “End Of The Beginning”



After a few weeks of away Marvel’s Agents of Shield returns with another exciting episode.

The episode begins with Deathlok attacking agents Garrett and Triplett while in a hotel. We finally get to see more of Deathlok after getting his robotic leg upgrade.

Coulson assembles a team of high level Shield agents to conduct an operation to find the Clairvoyant. Agents Hand, Sitwell, Blake, Garrett and Triplett all made an appearance. To ensure the operation is not triumphed by the Clairvoyant’s psychic abilities the group splits off into random pairs to follow possible leads. Skye is also officially initiated as an agent of Shield. It’s great to see Skye finally earn her stripes after proving herself. It’s good to see that Coulson is finally making moves against the Clairvoyant. More Agent Garrett is good too.

Fitz and Simmons are still pursing the miracle drug that cured Skye, despite Coulson’s orders to let it go. May overhears and becomes strangely interested in what they find out telling them to report any finds to her first. It’s not certain if we can trust Agent May after learning she secretly been in contact with someone while on the plane.

The teams spilt up heading to their designated positions. All of the group’s operations go bad with the exception of Agents May and Blake who have a run in with Deathlok. Deathlok easily puts down Agent Blake and fires off at wrist rocket at May. When I first saw it I was like “Holy Shit! So that’s what that thing does!” I like how ruthless Peterson has become since transforming into Deathlok. He is definitely a better villain than hero.

With the operations all failed and Agent Blake in the hospital things look bad for the team. Coulson then realizes that Agent Blake fired a tracker round into Deathlok and they follow that lead. Shield pulls out the big guns as they track Peterson to a warehouse. Inside they chase Deathlok to the basement of the building and find the Clairvoyant. The Clairvoyant tells them that he will not stop until Skye is dead and BANG! Ward puts a bullet into him. Talk about a surprise! Ward obviously has feelings for Skye which become more and more apparent with each episode and the Clairvoyant must have really pushed his buttons. This is pretty annoying because the Clairvoyant was just about to reveal something big.

Later on the plane Coulson and Skye begin to question the success of the mission. It seemed a little too convenient that Deathlok lead them straight to The Clairvoyant. Coulson then realizes that The Clairvoyant is not a psychic but an agent of shield. Fitz finds May’s encrypted phone and  all suspicions lend towards her being the double. Suddenly the plane begins shifting course on its own and it is revealed that Agent Hand is the one who has been working with the Clairvoyant.

I was surprised but not entirely taken aback by this revelation; in fact it all seems to make sense. Agent Hand criticized the operation since the very beginning and even left mid-way through. Also I don’t think May is a double agent, but observing and reporting Coulson’s condition for director Fury. This would make more sense because May wanted to know his conditions and side effects first if Fitz and Simmons found out anything. Also when talking on the phone it didn’t sound like she was having a conversation but keeping a log of events

Things have heated up pretty quickly and am very excited to see what unfolds on next weeks episode! If you guys have any thoughts or speculation don’t be afraid to leave a comment. I would love any feedback!


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