Best Blog Award

Thank you Happiest Nerd in Town for nominating me for the Best Blog Award. When nominated for the award I must answer a set of eleven questions. Afterwards I compile my own set of 11 questions for people I nominate to answer.

1. What made you decide to start blogging?

One day I decided that I would try something new and maybe a little bit challenging. Blogging was my first option because I have always enjoyed writing for an audience and wanted an outlet to express my opinions. Also I read somewhere that blogging was good idea haha.

2. What are the goals you’d like to reach with your blog?

Growth. More specifically I would like my blog to reach a wide audience. I created my blog to spread ideas while gaining feedback and learning from multiple perspectives. Also if I could produce post which are relevant and informative that would be great.

3. If you could change one thing in our world, what would it be?

I would eliminate the concept of normal. In reality nothing is normal, but people focus so much on being normal that they miss out on actually living and enjoying life.

4. Is there any fictitious universe you’d like to live in (e.g. Star Wars, Firefly, Defiance)?

I would love to live in the Marvel comic book universe. A universe filled with superpowers, over the top villains and multiple intersecting dimensions would just be an amazing experience. Plus in that universe there is the possibility for me to gain powers too!

5. If you could bring any movie/TV series character to live and he would automatically become your friend, which one would it be?

I would bring Master Yoda to life so that he could teach me the ways of the force.

6. Is there someone you consider the perfect choice for a role in a movie/series?

I don’t really believe in actor’s being perfect for roles. Sure there are some actors who do a better job at portraying a character than others, but I like have different actors/actresses filling that role because chances are they will bring something new to the character.

7. What’s the worst ending of a movie/series you ever saw?

The worst ending by far was from the Green Lantern movie. I was anticlimactic and disappointing.  Actually that entire movie was AWFUL so I’m not sure if this one even counts.

8. Which celebrity would you like to have a drink with and why?

Robert Downey Jr. In movies he always plays the extravagant over the top character who knows how to party. If he’s anything like that in person it’ll one hell of a good time.

9. What’s the movie/series that influenced your life the most?

I would say the original Spiderman movies. Peter Parker went from being a puny nerd in high school to the Amazing Spiderman. Instead of lashing out and getting revenge against bullies he decided to be a hero. The motto “With great power comes great responsibility” is a message that can be applied to every individual.

10. In your opinion, can the title of a movie/series affect its success?

Perception is everything whether it’s movies, TV or books. A show could be great but if its title is not appealing then an audience will not be intrigued to check it out. Of course a show could have a lackluster title and still attract views, but it’s an important component of movies/TV.

11. Do you think you would survive in a post-apocalyptic world?

I would like to think I would but probably not. I would be the guy that trips and gets eaten by zombies or gets shot by the military or spontaneously combust.

I present my eleven questions and shout out to my CA Sarah for helping me with these:

1. What led to the creation of your blog?

2. Is there on post in particular that you are most proud of?

3. What should readers know about you before reading your blog?

4. If you could explain you blog in two words what would they be?

5. What is a blog you enjoy reading?

6. What is the first blog you ever read?

7. If you could be a different species what would it be?

8. If you could taste one color what would it be?

9. If you were Waldo where would you hide?

10. Given the chance to rename our galaxy what would you pick?

11. Yes, no, maybe or purple? Explain (This is not related to another question)

Here are my nominations:

Write And Day

One Room With A View

Also I nominate anyone would reads this post and is interested!


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