TV DISCUSSION – The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 “A” SEASON FINALE



The Walking Dead is over with a finale that answers a lot of questions but brings up even more. I am definitely excited for what is to come for the fifth season.

So the episode begins in a really interesting manner showing Rick exhausted sitting by a car with blood on his face. It seemed extremely random at first but it alludes to events that take place later on. Rick, Carl and Michonne are close to reaching Terminus and run into trouble along the way.

Carl spots a man surrounded by a cluster of walkers but under orders from Rich they don’t help him. It sucks for that random man that he got eaten but it was funny seeing those zombies chomp on his face. Later that day while talking about Terminus Michonne worries about how safe the place will actually be. She brought up a good point about Woodbury and the Governor and so far her instincts have been right on the mark.

The group settles in at night talking around a campfire about the old days. Just when things seem the calm the unforeseeable happens: Darryl’s group finds Rick. This seen made me feel an sense of imminent danger and I vividly remember tensing up while watching. Darryl demands the leader to let Rick and the others go and gets his ass beat in return. The leader of Darryl’s group holds a gun to Rick’s head while his gang threatens Michonne and Carl. With everyone in danger and no foreseeable way out Rick snaps. He head-butts the leader holding him then when the leader grabs Rick he bites into he’s neck ripping out his flesh. Immediately I was disgusted and amazed. There is no way anyone could have predicted Rick would do such a thing. After ripping out that guy’s jugular Rick viciously slaughters another man with knife, repeated stabbing him over and over again. Again I was sickened/impressed to just how far Rick will go to survive. Rick is disturbingly badass.

The next morning Darryl explains how he ended up with those men and apologizes for what happened. Rick understands looking at Darryl he says “You’re my brother”. I almost teared up when he said this because how powerful those words were. The prison group has become like Rick’s family and he would do anything to keep his family safe.

After seeing what his dad has done Carl is afraid of Rick. Michonne comforts Carl telling him he should not be afraid of his dad. She also explain what happened to her son and we some background on the two walkers she traveled with in the earlier seasons. I love the connection between Carl and Michonne and I think it really helps develop both of these characters.

Rick, Darryl, Michonne and Carl have reached the outer gates of Terminus and break in. Arriving at what looks like the main headquarters they talk to a man named Gareth who invites in with open arms. In this shot Terminus looks more like a company with a bunch of college kids instead of a zombie survival camp. Gareth leads the group to the outside to get food and every is going well until Rick notices something. One of the guys at Terminus has a pocket watch. Rick then takes one of them hostage and things go to shit pretty quickly. Ricks groups runs through Terminus and gets led into a train car where they meet up with rest of the prison group. Finally the whole group is reunited but under the most dire circumstances.

The episode ends with a pretty badass quote:

Rick: “They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out.”

Sgt. Abraham: “Find out what?”

Rick: “They’re screwing with the wrong people”

What a fantastic way to end another great season. I still think the people at Terminus are cannibals but I could be wrong! Anyways we’ll have to wait to next season, if you have thoughts then leave a comment I would love some feedback!


7 thoughts on “TV DISCUSSION – The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 “A” SEASON FINALE

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