TV DISCUSSION – The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 18 “Smoke and Mirrors”



Hot on the heels of last weeks events this week’s episode of The Tomorrow People treads into more unfamiliar territory.

After Cassies death and Jedikiah’s disappearance The Founder takes over as head of Ultra. As the new director his first initiative is returning Ultra to a peaceful organization. This means no more killing, detaining and hunting of paranormals. It is still unclear on whether Stephen can trust The Founder after all that has happened. To test The Founder’s sincerity about a new peaceful Ultra Stephen and Hillary begin tracking a break out posing as the magician “Monty the Magnificent”. The gorgeous Alexa Vega is back as Hillary which is a definite plus.

While in the streets tracking the break out Stephen runs into Jedikiah. Jed once again tries convincing Stephen that The Founder cannot be trusted. Stephen ignores his uncles’ warnings and continues looking for the breakout. Things look pretty shitty for Jedikiah at this point. He’s on the run from Ultra and the Founder and increasingly desperate to gain Stephens help. Also that facial hair makes him look dirty and homeless.

Back at the lair Cara is concerned that Stephen is starting to align himself with Ultra. She and John decide to incept Stephen and Hillary’s operation to catch Magician.

Stephen and Hillary go to club where Monty the magnificent is performing and run into Cara and John. There’s a great scene where Hillary asks Stephen if he knows Cara and he says no. Then Cara walks over and says hi to him. I laughed so hard at this sequence because he was instantly caught lying. John and Cara then join the two for dinner. You can instantly feel the tension as Hillary and Cara exchange words. It was great seeing this two argue in passive aggressive tones.

Monty disappears and both couples race to bring him in. John and Cara win the fight with Stephen and Hillary and bring the breakout in. From the way Cara was acting it’s obvious she’s jealous of Hillary although she really has no reason to be.

Stephen returns home that night to find Jedikiah alone with his younger brother Luca. Jed has clearly lost his mind telling Luca every about the tomorrow people and Ultra to gain leverage over Stephen. He then holds a gun to Lucas head and forces Stephen to admit to having abilities. Stephen slaps the gun of Jed’s hand with telekinesis thus proving Jeds point. When the situation has calmed down Stephen teleports Jed to an empty park kicks Jeds ass. It’s about time! I’m glad Stephen beat the shit out of Jed and after all his lies he deserved it. They agreed family is off limits and that is a line that should not be crossed.

Skipping straight to the meat and bones Jed then realizes he has lost Stephen’s support and goes to John for help. He shows John where he is keeping Rodger’s body and ask for his help bringing Rodger back. John brings this news to Cara and together they both look for Stephen. When Cara finds Stephen he is hooking up with Hillary (she didn’t like that at all). Cara returns to John saying Stephen is a lost cause.

When Stephen reports into Ultra the Founder shows him a machine known as the arc. The device is uses Stephen’s time stopping ability to open a portal to the refuge. When Stephen gets hooked up to the device he speaks to his father who warns him about the very machine he’s using. It ends with Jedikiah looking at Rodger heart rate monitor knowing that Stephen has just done something.

All this episode really did was confuse me further. Does the ending mean that The Founder is actually evil or is it just a stump in Jedikaiah’s plans? Whether the case it’ll be interesting to see what unfolds on next week’s episode.

If there are any thoughts or speculation please leave a comment, I would love any feedback!


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