TV DISCUSSION – Arrow Season 2 Episode 17 “Birds of Prey”



Last Wednesday’s episode of Arrow sees the return of The Huntress. Being one of the better antiheros from the DC universe it was great to see her make a comeback.

The episode kicks off with former detective Lance leading a police raid on a big time criminal with Oliver and Sarah play guardian angel in the background. We get some great Green Arrow/Black Canary action in the intro as the duo protects Sarah’s dad from harm. The choreography was on spot except for one guy flipping hilariously in the air after getting an arrow in the leg. In the middle of the raid Detective Lance gets shot and Sarah hunts down the guy and throws him out the window. Just another reason why you do not mess with Black Canary. At the end of the raid Oliver catches mob boss Frank Bertinelli who was attempting to flee. The group knows that with Frank in town it’s not too long before The Huntress shows up.

The focus is then shifted to Laurel as we see her recovering from her drug addiction. Personally I never liked Laurel but it was sad to see her fall so low. Things start to look up though when her former boss at the DA’s office offers her the Bertinelli case. Unfortunately it is just a ploy to capture Bertinelli’s daughter Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress. This isn’t revealed until later in the show and I did not like that Laurel was used as bait after she has already fallen so low.

Oliver and gang track a car The Huntress used to get into Starling city. When they arrive on scene the group learns the driver is just a decoy and Roy gets shot in the hand. In a mirakuru fueled rage Roy almost kills the decoy, but Oliver snaps him out it by calling him Speedy. Finalllllly! I was waiting for Oliver to call Roy “Speedy” the entire second season. As many Green Arrow fans know “Speedy” is Roy Harpers sidekick name in the comics. This accident pushes Oliver to tell Roy to stay away from Thea for her own safety. I understand where he is coming from but at this point Thea is the only thing keeping Roy from becoming completely uncontrollable. Plus these two make a fantastic onscreen couple.

The Huntress arrives at the DA’s office to kill her father and ends up taking the building with hostages. Laurel is still inside the building and Sarah is desperate to go after Helena so no harm comes to her sister. In her frustration she comes at Oliver with some pretty funny remarks. The best was “Well hey don’t forget your baby arrows!” in response to his nonlethal arrow set. She also comments about Oliver creating both The Huntress and Deathstroke, which is very true. I also chuckled when Felicity very openly said “I think you should kick The Huntress’ ass”.

At lot has happened thus far so I’m going to sum up the last events briefly. Sarah confronts The Huntress despite Oliver’s disapproval and gets thrown out a window in the fight that ensues. The Huntress then kidnaps Laurel and wants to trade her life for Frank Bertenelli’s; Helena’s father. The trade is going smoothly until the swat commander shows up to take down all the masked vigilantes. Helena’s father is killed by a stray bullet and she goes to jail. First off that swat commander had some balls to try and take on all those people on his own. Seriously what the hell was he thinking? Secondly I was good to finally get a resolution to The Huntress story although it kinda sucks she went to jail.

Oh but I saved the best for last! Roy cheats on Thea to push her away because Oliver asked him to stay away from her. Thea is heartbroken and tells her brother he is the only one who doesn’t lie to her. I know Oliver felt pretty shitty after this because all he does is lie to Thea, but this isn’t even the wortst to come. As Thea is walking home a car pulls up and offers her a ride. The window rolls down and the passenger is Slade! Noooooo!! Slade has Thea after weeks of silence the bastard finally makes his move. What a way to end an episode.

I’m pretty excited for the next episode of Arrow. The final battle is upon us at last! If you guys have any comments or feedback I would love to hear it!


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