TV DISCUSSION – The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 17 “Endgame”



With every new episode of CW’s The Tomorrow People the action and plot improve. It’s a good thing I give this show a second chance and with the end of the season approaching I get more and more excited for what’s to come.

Continuing from the previous episode where Stephen finds his Father “Endgame” focuses mainly on Jedikiah and The Founder. In the beginning Stephen confronts Jedikiah about hiding his father’s body from him this entire. Jed responds by saying that he was protecting the body from The Founder. Jed also tells Stephen that he knows he is working as a double and that was a part of his plan as well. It’s still not clear in this point of the show on what Jedikiah’s intentions are but it does make sense that he knows Stephens is a double agent. This would also explain why Stephen never got caught. Stephen and Jedikiah then formulate a plan to take out the founder.

Meanwhile Cara tracks a breakout and when they finally find her she discovers it’s her sister. I’m going skip the details because much more important things happen.

Back at the lair Stephen tells John about Jedikiah’s plan to take out The Founder and end the shadow war between Ultra and The Tomorrow People. After hesitating John agrees to help but there’s one problem: they don’t know where The Founder lives. Stephen then remembers The Founders daughter Cassie is still in lock up at Ultra headquarters. With the help of Cassie, Stephen and John begin putting into action their plan to take out The Founder. It was great to see Cassie return and her English accent is amazingly hot.

Amongst all the present day action we get treated with a couple of flashbacks throughout the episode. The first shows Stephen’s dad Rodger and Uncle Jed as kids playing. After Rodger saves Jed from a misfire bullet he becomes increasingly fascinated with The Tomorrow People. Later flash backs show the two brothers meeting up with the man known as The Founder in present. It was good that viewers finally got some insight on the relationship between these three people and how they eventually formed Ultra.

Back in the present John and Stephen gain access to The Founders home and search for him there. Of course they run into some guards and fight their way through about 20 guys. It was great seeing John and Stephen tag team and it is one of the best fight scenes this season. Finally John, Cassie and Stephen reach The Founder and intend to kill him.

Powerless The Founder tells Stephen that Jedikiah has been lying to him this entire time and that Jedikiah is only fueled by jealously of The Tomorrow People. Not sure what to believe John shoots but The Founder deflects the bullet with telekinesis and it strikes Cassie in the chest. The Founder cries in dismay while holding his dying daughter. NOooooo why why did she have to die? Her character wasn’t all that important but she was one of the hottest actresses in this show.

It’s hard to determine who to trust and the show has boiled down to The Founder vs. Jedikiah. “Endgame” was a great episode which really bumped up the intensity of this show.


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