TV DISCUSSION – The Walking Dead Episode 15 “Us”



Last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead delivered another great episode before the season finale next week. There are a lot of good moments and the episode builds up events in plot so that they play out next season.

We begin with Glenn and his group still on the search for Maggie. While following the train tracks the group finds a message Maggie left behind instructing Glenn to go to Terminus. This is the closest Glenn has come to finding his long lost wife so far and he desperately rushes forward. This creates conflict with Sergeant Abraham due his priority being getting Eugene to Washington safe.

On the flipside Darryl struggles to fit in with his new group of survivors. The leader (sorry I don’t know his name so I’ll simply call him the leader) of this of rag tags explains to Darryl that he belongs with them because they have been surviving since before everything went to hell. Later Darryl gets into argument with another member over a rabbit. The leader resolves it by cutting the animal in half. It was chilling to see Darryl reach for his knife after the man made a comment about Darryl being pussy whipped (He didn’t say that exactly, I’m paraphrasing). This scene really showed how deeply affected he is by Beth’s kidnapping, but I have a feeling she will return in the next season.

After traveling a few more days Glenn’s group reaches an ominous dark train tunnel. Sergeant Abraham refuses risking taking this route because of the high level of danger but Glenn insists on moving forward through the tunnel. These two come to a stalemate once again so Glenn offers a deal: Eugene takes Glenn’s Riot gear and he and Tara part ways to search for Maggie. Once again Glenn demonstrates how far he will go to find Maggie no matter what it takes. I also was amazed with Tara’s dedication to help Glenn despite her injured ankle.

Darryl decides to stay with his new group until they arrive at Terminus. It is here that we learn that group is hunting Rick for killing one of their members in an earlier episode. This will definitely test Darryl’s loyalty in the future as things move on. There was also that brutal scene where the man who took Darryl’s’ rabbit got a severe ass beating for lying about the stolen rabbit. Darryl finally got to see what happens when the group rules are broken.

Finally Glenn and Tara navigate through the dark tunnel path and find themselves trapped with a huge herd of walkers. I was almost certain this two were dead but miraculously they are saved by Maggie, Bob, Sasha and Sergeant Abraham’s group. It was great seeing the couple reunited after they both tirelessly searched. This group makes it to Terminus and is greeted by a single woman.

There is definitely something suspicious going on with Terminus. It doesn’t make sense that there is only one person there. Also it didn’t look like Terminus had any major defenses against the walkers like Woodbury or the jail. I’m thinking she’s a cannibal or something freaky like that.



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