TV DISCUSSION Marvel Assembling A Universe


In place of this week’s Agents of SHIELD, Marvel’s Assembling A Universe Documentary aired showcasing the success of Marvel’s Cinematic Movies show far. I think this was a good move Marvel’s part because it gave some background and insight of how the popular movies came together and Marvels vision for its future movies.

The beginning the focused on how Marvel Studios started off with Iron Man and continued to expand with other movies and toying with making their universes connected. The documentary gives a brief look at how they approached each hero individually and then meshed them together for The Avengers.

I really enjoyed getting a look at the behind the scenes look at my favorite Marvel films and hearing how the actors approached their roles and got into character.

The second half focused on more recent films such as Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and the up and coming Captain America: The Winter Solider. Here the directors and produces explain what direction they intended to go for each movie and how they plan to develop the characters even further. Towards the end we glimpse at concept art from a The Avengers 2 and other future films.

Marvel’s Assembling A Universe was a great way to for the studio to tell the history and success of its past movies while getting fans excited for it’s future flims.


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