TV DISCUSSION – Arrow Season 2 Episode 16 “Suicide Squad”



John Diggle joins the Suicide Squad and things get dangerous for Oliver as he hunts Deathstroke on this week’s Arrow.

After Slade Wilson shows up at Oliver’s doorstep becomes paranoid with fear. The beginning sequence shows him having reoccurring nightmares about Shado and facing endless unrest. Oliver becomes desperate hunting Slade and turns to his Bratva contact for information. When they refuse to help him Oliver takes down two men and explains he “knows how things work this organization”. It was pretty badass way to prove a point.

Meanwhile Dig  is reconnecting with his former wife when approached by Amanda Waller. Anyone who knows Waller from previous shows or the comics is aware that she is not good news. Waller recruits Dig for a mission with the Suicide Squad: a group of convicts and murders who carry out special operation missions. On the squad are DeadShot, Bronze Tiger and Sharpnel who were all former enemies of the Green Arrow. We also get tidbits and flashbacks of John’s past which is a nice change up from previous weeks. It was great to see DeadShot again and he definitely one of my favorite villains on this show.

Sarah begins to notice Oliver distancing himself from her and gets worried. She even talks to Laurel about Oliver despite their rocky relationship. This is probably the only episode this season where I didn’t absolutely hate Laurel. It was good to see Laurel be understanding and not dramatically taking the spotlight as usual. Sarah knows Oliver feels guilty for Shado’s death and begins to worry too.

Diggles faces his own moral struggle as he works with the questionable Suicide Squad to take down a terrorist in possession of nerve gas. At the end of the first mission Shrapnel disobeys orders and is blown up by the tracker in his neck. The scene really showed how far Amanda Waller and ARGUS were willing to go to accomplish their tasks. Later on after locating the house the team goes uncover to find where the nerve gas is being kept. DeadShot finds the nerve gas and is order to stay inside the house while the drone blows it up, but Dig talks him out of it before it is too late. Although they are mortal enemies it is always interesting to see the relationship between DeadShot and Diggle.

Oliver’s leads get him nowhere as Slade lurks in waiting. He finally resorts to his final resort: Amanda Waller. Confused by that claim Slade is alive she shows him that ARGUS has been persuing a man they call Deathstroke.

What I saved for last was the women in ARGUS cells who laughing eerily similar to Harley Quinn from the Batman Universe. There is no doubt in my mind that was Harley but what are planning to do with her? Does this mean we will eventually see Batman in Arrow? For now I have no clue so guess we’ll just have to wait.


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