TV DISCUSSION The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 “The Grove”


TV DISCUSSION The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 “The Grove”


I finally got a chance to catch up on last Sunday’s episode and I was moved with how emotional this episode was.

Tyrese, Carol, Lizzie and Mika are still struggling to survive while heading toward Teminus. On the way there they find a small house where they plan to stay before continuing on the road.

Carol tries to teach Lizzie and Mika how to survive but they both have trouble understanding what needs to be done. Lizzie has no problem killing people but sees the walkers as special or “different”. She even gets upset when Mika has to kill the walker that threatens both their lives. Mika understands that the walkers are a threat but refuses to kill normal people. She knows killing is wrong and tells Carol she couldn’t kill someone even if her life was in danger. I admire how stubbornly moral this little girl is.

In addition Tyrese is still having trouble getting over Lauren and David’s deaths. Unbeknownst to him the person that murdered the woman he loved is Carol.

Since not much else happened I’ll just jump straight to the big shocker of the episode: Mika’s death. I knew this was going to happen because of a stupid Facebook meme and yet I was still shocked. I know Lizzie was messed up but I could imagine she would go so far as to kill her own sister to make a point. It was really jarring to see her blood stained hands as she screamed and pleaded for Carol to just wait.  This show is dark at times but this was disturbing in a completely different way. I also felt bad for Carol because it must have been like reliving Sophia’s death all over again and I would not want to put down Lizzie.

When both girls are dead Tyrese and Carol sit down at the table inside and she admits to killing those two people back at the prison. Carol even offers Tyrese the revolver and tells him to do what he must. After clenching the gun in hands for a few moments Tyrese tells Carol he forgives her but he will not forget. The two decide that they cannot stay at the house any longer and continue towards Terminus.

Overall this episode got me depressed and reminded the viewers that the world the characters live in dark and twisted. Only TWO more episodes left! I wonder what direction this show will take next and I’m excited for the next season.


One thought on “TV DISCUSSION The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 “The Grove”

  1. For me it was the most shocking episode of The Walking Dead. Right at the moment where I really started to like Mika and wondered about her future in that world Lizzie stood there with her hands all bloody and I just couldn’t believe what she did for a whole minute. I mean, yeah, the walker-feeding thing was strange, but I also wouldn’t have expected her to go that far. It will definitely stick with me for awhile.

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