TV DISCUSSION – The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 16 “Superhero”



“Superhero” is by far the best The Tomorrow People episode yet.  The team tracks a breakout, Russell learns what means to be super and secrets are revealed.

Stephen and Hillary are tasked by Ultra to find a breakout posing as the vigilante “The Red Avenger”. After doing some investigating Stephen finds out that Russell and this “Red Avenger” have some history together. This is a Russell-centric episode and that’s great because Russell is easily one of the most likable characters on the show. The opening scene with the Red Avenger kicking some goons’ ass was pretty nice and fighting choreography was definitely on point. This show has a lot of strong opening scenes recently.

After tracking the break out to a bar in a middle of one her operations Stephen and Russell discovery it is not the woman Russell knew in the past but a disciple of hers named Mallory. Together Mallory, Stephen and Russell save a judge and his from a Vietnamese gang. I love the inclusion of Mallory, she’s ambitious, fun and wisecracking which is rare on the show. It was also very exciting watching her serve out some vigilante justice.

Ultra arrive on scene seconds and Hillary finds Stephens blue bracelet from the bar at the scene. I was so sure Stephens’ ass was grass because he has been fucking up a lot in recent episodes. Like really if your going to be a double spy you could try to be a little careful. When she confronts Stephen we learn about why Hillary is such a hard ass and does not report Stephen. I sympathized with Hillary after she poured her heart out and it made her character more interesting. Did I mention I love Alexa Vega?

Towards the end Russell and Mallory save a bank full of hostages despite John and Cara’s disproval. There’s some great actions scene included here and Russell finally learns what it means to be a hero. Russell even gets a surprise visit from the original “Red Avenger” Talia. It was sad to see Talia go so quickly when Russell clearly loved her but the world isn’t going to save itself. Both “Red Avengers” Mallory and Talia were very gorgeous and great additions to the show. Hopefully they’ll return in later seasons.

It doesn’t stop there though. Not by a long run.

At the same time events are taking place with the vigilante, John allows Jedikiah’s paranormal lover Morgan to go topside to infiltrate his brain. This seems to be the only way to find Stephens’ father. Things seem to go well until Jed figures out she’s trying to into his head. John stops him from nearly killing Morgan and Jeikiahs unborn child, which he was not happy about by the way. Although the plan seemed fruitless they get another lead and BAM Stephen finally finds his father.

I was not expecting Stephen to find his father so soon after the reveal that Jedikiah had Rodgers body. The big question is finally answered but he will the plot unreveal from here!?! Just have to wait till next week.


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