TV DISCUSSION – The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 15 “Enemy of My Enemy”



This episode of The Tomorrow People brings the return of the psychopathic Julian coming back to exact revenge on Cara and the rebels. This time he teams up with Ultra in order to bring the tomorrow people down.

The show kicks off with Julian walking straight into Ultra and going on a telekinetic rampage. A few Ultra agents get violently flung through the air before he is quickly subdued. When put in the chair he convinces Jedikiah to ally with him. I thought this scene was great and it really showed how desperate and ruthless this man is.

Both John and Astrid struggle from the events of previous episodes: Astrid’s fear of leaving the house after being targeted and John being kicked out of the lair. John spends the day with Astrid and tells her to “take a leap of faith” and not to be afraid. Although I like Stephen, John is just a much more interesting character and always seems to know what to say.

Towards the end Julian invades to the tomorrow peoples lair with a kill squad. With the help of John, Cara and Russell are able to trap him. The explosive device placed in his nose by Ultra has only seconds to go off and he pleads with Cara to let him go. It was pretty bad ass to see Cara walk away from that explosion as helplessly yelled.

This episode had some interesting parts but I really want more of the main plot progress. It also bothers me that Uncle Jed knows Stephen is working with the tomorrow people but still allows him in the field as an agent. It takes the danger away from the double agent role Stephen plays.

So what do you guys think? Are you excited for the last few episodes? I would love feedback.


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