The Problem With Blogging

A week ago today I decided to start to blogging. I wasn’t quite sure where to start or what I would write about but my mind was already made up. So far I love blogging, but there are some problems I didn’t anticipate when I originally started.

Blogging Ideas

When I began I was sure I would have no ideas and would struggle with posting something at least once a week. Turns out I was wrong. Completely wrong actually. I am having the opposite problem: too many ideas. All I do now is think about what I could write that’s relevant to my readers. Know that I have a place to put those ideas my minded has been racing. I suppose it’s better than having no ideas.

Revenge Blogging

Haha just reading this makes me laugh Revenge Blogging sounds really evil. Ever since I told my friends that I started a blog they think that if they do something to piss me off I’ll go and post something terrible about them. Um no I won’t. That’s just a waste of time and I want my blog to have content which is relatable and relevant. It is not a place where I slander people for being annoying.


WordPress is great for blogging and the options allow me to share post on multiple sites without much hassle. The problem is if I blog a lot in one day my Facebook and Twitter become congested with posting notifications. I really don’t want to metaphorically shove my blog down people’s mouths so I’ll try to keep my post to a certain number per day/week.


I certainly didn’t think I would have a problem with keeping my post short. Once again I was dead wrong. This only occurred to me after I had a few friends read my blog. “Why are your post so long?” they would ask while I would stupidly response “I dunno”. It’s especially hard keeping post short when reviewing tv/movies because there is just so much to discuss, but I’ve learned to keep my post about 300 words long.

What do you guys think? Should I commit the evil act of revenge blogging? (Haha no) I’d love some feedback.Please?


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