TV DISCUSSION – The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 14 “Brother’s Keeper”



A few weeks ago I gave up The Tomorrow People because the show was stagnating to the point of frustration. Today out of boredom I decided to give the show another chance. I feel stupid now because this episode was actually really good and got things moving again.

The episode continues of the HUGE cliffhanger of the previous episode. We learn that Stephen’s mom has powers (what a jaw dropper!) and is not as ignorant as she has led him to believe. Convinced they are in danger Stephen’s mom prepares to go on the run. However Stephen is against this and tries to convince her they must stay.

Along with all this is the tomorrow people and Ultra track a breakout who has been assassinating clients for cash. At Ultra the super sexy Hillary and Stephen track the assassin at the same time Cara and Russell do. Russell runs into the assassin and the fight scene is pretty kickass.

John crashes at Stephens after being kicked out of lair and talks Stephens’s mom into not running away. I never liked his mom and the fact that she is so stubborn. If I was Stephen I’d be pissed to learn she’d been drugging me the entire time.

Using twins a plot twist was impressive and that last scene before the surgery was really amazing. The only problem I had was there is no way he walks into Ultra with a hidden gun. I mean c’mon it’s a highly secured facility. And Jedikiah ooh that bastard Jed.

I have been dying to talk about the last bit of this episode. It is finally confirmed that Jedikiah does in fact have Roberts body and what he plans to do with it. The bastard is jealous of the tomorrow peoples’ abilities and plans to gain them from Robert. On a side note it was pretty awesome to see John turn down Cara’s offer to come back. This episode has succeeded in luring me back in.


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