TV DISCUSSION – Almost Human Season 1 Episode 13 “Straw Man” Season Finale



The finale of Almost Human is definitely one of shows best. I was irked when it was not about the Insyndicate as expected but I was still a great episode nonetheless.

In this episode Kennex and Dorian take on “The Straw Man” a serial killer who fills his dead body’s victims with straw. That might be the reason why he’s called the straw man but who can really know? What’s even better is that it is the same case that was pursued by Johns’ father. It is also the first time we get a look at John’s father on the show.

At the same time Dorian has his police evaluation. I laughed my ass off when Dorian asked Kennex what he said during the interview and his response was “I told them you scanned my balls”. I love the banter between those two.

I also love Rudy’s awkward little outburst and him being upset because he would be targeted for being attractive. It was perfect! There were a lot more funny things in this episode but lets back to the story.

What made the story interesting was seeing John follow in his dads footsteps. You could really tell that tying up lose ends and clearing his dad’s name meant a lot to him. Overall I really enjoyed the twist and turns as the plot unreeled.

It was good to see Detective Paul help out that homeless man; I guess he isn’t as much of a jerk as I initially thought.

Lastly I loved the personal moment Kennex and Dorian share at the very end of the episode. That scene really highlighted how their partnership had evolved and they needed one another.


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