Why You Shouldn’t Put Down Other Peoples Excitement

So yesterday while going to lunch with a few buddies of mine two things became apparent me. One I was extremely hungry and two people often try to upstage one another way too much. While the first realization is obvious the second is not so much. Before I can explain what I mean the story must go on. To respect the privacy of the people in the story I will refer to them as Mario and Oliver.

So anyways we grab our food, proceed to sit down and begin exchanging stories. Mario who’s infamous for telling stories during dinner begins.

“Yeah so the other day my roommate Simon comes in so excited to tell me something”, Mario pauses to eat a forkful of noodles then continues, “So Simon tells me squatted 250 pounds all excited and I just look at him and say that’s cool.”

Oliver and I don’t really say much continuing to eat our food. From the look he had on I could tell it wasn’t the reaction he expected.

“So I say Simon that’s really not a big deal I squat 250 all the time”, he chuckles, “You should have seen the look on his face he was so disappointed haha.”

I raise an eyebrow and just look at Mario. Before I could explain why that was a dick move Oliver injects with “You’re an asshole”. Yep that’s pretty much what I was going to say anyways.

Clearly Mario didn’t understand why we were judging him because he just stared at us perplexed. “Nah I didn’t say it to be mean. I just bench that weight all the time.”

“You didn’t have to put down his excitement like that”, I explained, “You could have just let him be excited.”

This brings me to my point of why you shouldn’t put down others people’s excitement even when it’s over a trivial thing. Firstly it makes you seem like an asshole, however innocent your intentions are. When someone comes to you with news of a success or something exciting and you put it down it damages their self-esteem. The same applies if you try to upstage people at every little thing. What you are effectively saying is that accomplishment was not important and that person is wrong for feeling excited about it. If you don’t think this is true think about someone you know that constantly does this. Do you want to be friend’s person? If you are friends do you enjoy their company? Probably not, so don’t be a dick and put down other peoples excitement.

Some questions for the readers: What are your thoughts? Do you think this is true and do you know anyone like this?


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