TV DISCUSSION: True Detective Season 1 Episode 8 “Form and Void” Season Finale



This Wednesday I finally got the chance to watch the season finale of the HBO hit True Detective. This is a series I greatly recommend as actors Matthew Mcconaughey and Woody Harrelson make amazing onscreen pair. I am saddened to see such a great show end so soon, but at least we can definitely look forward to a second season.

“Form and Void” concludes Marty and Cohle’s search for the infamous yellow king. As the name implies the yellow king is as creepy as you’d expect and living in the back roads of Louisiana is the perfect home for this disturbing individual. I could feel a real sense of immense danger in the scenes showing this psychopath painting a school house near young school children. On a completely different note I loved when Rust demonstrated that the paid sniper was indeed not a bluff.

Ok so lets jump right into good stuff. About midway through the episode Marty and Cohle approach the house of the suspect there and there is a looming sense of eeriness. The two diverge on different paths with Rust pursing the yellow king and Marty searching the house. I was instantly creepied the fuck out by that woman’s religious-eques rambling when question by Marty at the front door. This was nothing compared to following Rust through the swamp tunnels of the yellow kings liar. I could feel myself getting more and more tense watching the scenes unfold until he finally reached the yellow kings throne. This gave a false sense of calmness and was immediately rewarded with the yellow batshit crazy mofo king impaling and uplifting Cohle with a knife.

At this point I shit myself immediately then prayed to every known God that Rust would not die. Luckily in the nic of time Marty comes charging and shoots the yellow king once…. only to get tomahawked. Yeah that’s right a fucking tomahawk. This yellow king bastard does not fuck around. I was almost sure the show was going to end with these two dead and then BANG! Marty miraculously head shots the freak before he can chop Cohle into little pieces.

While I was extremely impressed with action scenes and the downfall of the yellow king the ending really highlighted the real strength of the show: the relationship between Cohle and Marty. Even after they both are almost killed the two still bicker and argue about the choices they made in life. Although the partners are polar opposites they really belong together. True Detective is an amazing and intellectual series which deserves all the attention it has received.


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