TV Discussion Marvel’s Agents of Shield Episode 15 Yes Men



This week’s Agents of Shield is back with an episode that really kicks ass. It begins with the Asgardian sorceress Lorelei coming to earth to wreck havoc as she ensnares men to do her bidding with magic. Lady Sif then arrives on earth to track Lorelei with the help of Coulson’s team.

The episode makes great use of the two Asgardians enhanced strength and ablities for some really badass action scenes. I must have yelled “oh shit!” about 20 times while watching Jaime Alexander kick, punch and fling men around like oversized toys. I was skeptical about Lady Sif as a guess star at first but watching her on screen definitely put those doubts to rest.

About midway through the episode Agent Ward becomes victim to Lorelei’s sorcery. This effectively put a strain on May and Wards relationship and we finally got to see how the relationship conflicted with their job. Did I forget to mention the incredible fight sequence between Ward and May because I almost peed myself from the excitement of that scene. I’ll never forget how May dive tackled Ward through that glass, I mean holy shit!

In addition to all the great action there were a lot of interesting plot twist introduced. The first and seemingly obvious being Ward’s revelation that he was in love with someone else while with May. Anyone who stuck with the show from the beginning wasn’t too surprised by this. The second and most unexpected is May spying on Coulson and the secret phone call reporting “He knows”.

What does it all mean? Is May a double agent and what exactly is SHIELD trying so desperately to hide? Well I guess we’ll only know when the next episode hits in 2 weeks.


3 thoughts on “TV Discussion Marvel’s Agents of Shield Episode 15 Yes Men

  1. OMG, it was such a great episode!!! At the end I was like “Whaaaaaaat?!?!?!” when May said “He knows”. They really keep you on the edge of your seat! I think we’re really in for a treat and hopefully a lot of clearification when the season finale airs.

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