TV DISCUSSION: The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 “Alone”



This Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead focuses on the characters of Bob, Sasha, and Maggie while also highlighting the events of Daryl and Beth.

The show starts off with a very strong sound track accompanied by scenes of Bob surviving on his own prior to meeting Rick’s group at the jail. I felt it was a very powerful way to begin the episode and also flowed well with the theme of episode. It also did a great job of bringing depth to the character Bob who previously seemed a bit shallow. It was great seeing Bob be hopeful and optimistic even when Sasha was clearly ready to give up on Maggie searching for Glenn.

The show also followed Daryl and Beth as they continued to survive away from the group. I loved how each character played off each other in the scenes where they talk about good people still existing. The Walking Dead does a great job of building characters. Although Beth is no longer the little girl who tried to kill herself she still believes that innocence exists in that hellish world. Ironically Beth is kidnapped by these so called “good people” just when things start to quiet down.

This is definitely the most powerful and moving episodes of the second season and with 3 episodes left I am very curious to see how things unfold. I’m rooting for Glenn and Maggie and curious to see what Terminus is. While it’s moving slow this show definitely has good things in store for the next season.


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