The Real Reason We Watch TV Series


Everyone has their favorite show or shows that airs weekly. For some it’s a too-good-to-be-true reality tv series where the people live their “real” lives in front of cameras and for others it’s an action-drama show. Despite whatever you watch there is always a reason behind the weekly scramble to find your favorite show and stare down the screen until your eyes melt.

Before I delve into my reasons I will provide a quick glimpse of my viewing schedule. My TV week starts with Marvel’s Agents of Shield on Tuesdays, Arrow and The Tomorrow on Wednesdays, and to finish off the week The Walking Dead and True Detective on Sunday. Notice how for the most part the shows are separate across multiple days of the week; this is important to my first reason.

My first reason for keeping up with TV series is that it provides something to get excited about during week. Just think about it for a second. If you didn’t have a plethora of series to consume what would you look forward to during the week? Does your answer involve work, going to class, organizing a revolution in a foreign country? If so lucky you, for most of us there just anything all that exciting going on during a normal week. Without Arrow on Wednesdays or The Walking Dead on Sundays the week would move much much slower. Sometimes I’ll even watch shows I don’t like just to have something to get me through the week.

Secondly not watching certain series makes you seem out of the loop. Now I don’t mean out of the loop in the sense that you were born in the 1950’s and are baffled by our generation, but in a smaller social sense. We have all been in that awkward position where someone has said “Hey did you see that episode of (insert name) last night? It was so good!” Now you know you have never watched this show and this your first time hearing of it so your left with 2 options:  Say no and risk social ostracization and a public flogging or lie say yes and hope tell they don’t ask more questions. While that may be an exaggerated example it does get the point across. Watching series gives you something to talk about with your fellow human beings and since so many of us wish to be accepted we would rather watch rather than not.

So do these reasons seem valid or not? What are some series you follow and why? I would love any and all feedback.


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