In Defense Of 8 ams



What do Nazis, torture and 8 am classes all have in common? The answer: they are all seen as absolutely terrible things. If I were to go around and poll just about any college student on what they hate the most about classes almost always I would get the response “I hate 8 ams”, but maybe that hatred is misplaced. Hell I’d even go as far to say 8 ams are actually a good thing. At this point many may think I hate sleep or just another one of those rare disgusting “morning people”. Neither is the case so I’ll just get right down to the explanation.


By far my biggest motivator for crawling out of bed in the morning is breakfast. The promise of hot French toast, greasy sausage patties and creamy cream of wheat makes my mouth water. It is simply understatement to say that I love breakfast. I dream of breakfast, think of breakfast and even breathe breakfast. Besides everyone knows that breakfast is the important meal of day and if you sleep every day till twelve you’re missing out.

This semester especially eating breakfast has been a detrimental part of my day. After my 8 am class I walk over to the Commons and get hot a plate of sausage and French toast. Just sitting there alone eating gives me a chance to unwind and relax before rushing into a busy work day. Juggling school work, clubs and being away from home is stressful and it’s refreshing to just sit down and have some time alone. It may seem like a small thing but it really helps.

Healthy Habits

In addition to mouthfuls of morning food 8 am classes can help you develop healthy habits. Ah but you don’t really care this because who need habits when you can sleep till 12? Well you go out into the real world and have to wake up at 7 am every morning that’s going to be a real kick in the ass.

Getting in the habit of waking up early can also promote self-discipline. A great example would be to examine someone who gets up late. We’ll use my roommate Chris as an example. Now Chris has his first classes at 12 and 2 pm every other day. Chris does not have to worry about when he goes sleep or when he eats or when he does anything really. While there is nothing wrong with this my roommate also has trouble with procrastination and sleep. Because he is not on a set schedule of sleep and not concerned with managing time when he does need to complete assignment the self-discipline is not there.

Waking up early for these morning classes can help you develop healthy and useful habits. Whenever I get up I have a set routine of what I am going to do just out of habit. It’s gotten to the point where I even have a set drink I get for breakfast (orange and cranberry juice mix if you were wondering).


Soo did I convince or do you hate me for being an 8 am lover? Either way I’d love to get some opinions on the subject, you know whenever you guys wake up.


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