A Story of Students and Discrimanation

So the other day while I was sitting at the computer in the CGA office I was approached by female student with a question. The expression on her face told me she was pretty confused and I was pretty sure I noticed her wandering the halls of the building earlier. Anyways she comes into the office and says “Excuse me where do I go if I’ve been discriminated against?”.

Naturally I was taken off guard, people don’t usually come to the office for these types of issues. Puzzled I simply told her talk to the people in the office next door. I sure as hell didn’t have any good answers and figured they would be her best bet.

Oh but of course she ignored my advice and continued “I am from Asia and I feel my professor discriminated against me because of it”. Ok, now I reallly don’t know what to say.

“Um yeah I don’t know anything about that, but I think the office next door should be able to help you”. At this point in time she leaves and I proceed to surf the web like any good office worker would. I find the perfect dancing when I am interrupted.

“Um where is this office again?”

Sigh, not even 2 seconds in and shes back. Reluctantly I get up from my chair and point her to the office five feet away from where we are standing. “Oh ok thank you” she responds. I watched her for a few seconds more as she walked pasted the office and down the stairs.

Although that woman was very confused it did raise an important point. Where would a college student go if they felt unjustly discriminated against by a professor and what rights do students have to prevent discrimination against them? I had never really thought about it before then but they are excellent questions to ask.


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